Live in Macau with Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV is doing a documentary on the economic development of Macau, and they brought us along to add some visual flare to their film!


The Great Gig

What would you do when you have an exciting concert at an impressive structure like the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, and wanting to capture the vastness of the stadium, the atmosphere of the gig and the endless sea of people? Our client came straight to SCP Aerials for solutions. After worked directly with the local authorities and production team, we found ways to operate safely and with some creative camera movements, we managed to capture exactly what our client was looking for.

Flying at The Transformers 4 Global Premiere

Michael Bay wanted the world premiere launch party for his new movie to look spectacular. His team got straight in touch with SCP Aerials. We worked directly with the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department to find a solution. After being granted official permission to operate, we were able to show the beauty of the Hong Kong skyline in way that could not be achieved with any other technology.

Filming at the World’s Largest Football Academy

The SCP aerials team was brought in for a big documentary shoot at the world’s largest football academy in China .
Our client was the major international television news broadcaster ITN. They told us they needed a stunning opening shot that captured the scale of the facilities. We worked closely with the Academy to find a safe way to do just that, and everyone was pretty pleased with the results.


SCP Aerials at The Hong Kong Sha Tin Races

The prestigious Hong Kong Jockey Club called on SCP Aerials to add some flair to its international TV coverage of the season’s biggest horse race.
We set-up at different points around the course and sent live, full high-definition feeds straight into the Jockey Club’s broadcast station.
Our shots were used throughout the day’s events, and were broadcast around the world straight from our flying camera.

Pic Ex Photography Expo Hong Kong

The SCP Aerials team was delighted to give a presentation at the big Pic Ex photography expo in Hong Kong in May.

Richard and Al showed off the brand new “DJI Phantom 2 Vision +” to an excited crowd of onlookers, and gave everyone an early sneak preview of our recent aerial shoot at Hong Kong’s biggest racecourse… check out our GALLERY page to see that one!